Corporate office made the decision to change the Optimum Coffee formula because an all-natural ingredient, 2-Amino-5, is not allowed in all countries. Rather than having to make a number of different formulas to achieve compliance around the world, Dave Jordan asked the formulator, Kevin Thomas, to figure out how to keep Optimum Coffee world-wide compliant AND to power it up! What does that mean?

Kevin Thomas is a genius when it comes to formulating. Right now, he is in the process of building a $10 million manufacturing warehouse to be able to help Valentus with its incredible growth! John Haremza spent 7 hours with him and was blown away with the vision. Here are a few of John’s observations from that conversation, with some of my advice added in

👉 Kevin advised John that this is a “powerful formula”. It is not just a coffee, it is a powerful supplement to help with weight management, mental clarity, mood elevation, and increased energy. Kevin suggests that it not be taken on an empty stomach. I would suggest that you EAT A PIECE OF FRUIT or a piece of toast. You don’t need much in your stomach, just enough to create a buffer for the supplements.

👉 Remember to DRINK YOUR WATER before drinking the coffee. Putting fresh squeezed lemon juice into your water will be very beneficial first thing in the morning, as it kickstarts your liver and kidneys. If you want to clean up the body, these elimination organs have to be functioning well. Treat them with kindness by drinking a glass of FRESH LEMON WATER every morning and it will reward you greatly   Remember to drink at least 2 LITRES (8-8 ounce glasses) of water a day. Water is absolutely necessary.

👉 If you are feeling nauseaus, light-headed or fatigued, cut it back to HALF A SCOOP for the first while, to give your body the chance to adjust to this new, power-packed formula. You can increase it at any time to see if you are ready for a full scoop. Everybody has a different body and a different response. Some may not experience any signals from the body, others may. Realize that your body is YOUR temple and tweak the products as needed to fit your individual needs.

👉 This advice will apply to the new OPTIMUM COCOA as well.

You will know that you have the NEW FORMULA when you receive the Optimum Coffee with DYNAMINE printed across the bottom of the tub.

Please reach out if you have any other questions regarding these exciting changes.

Enjoy your coffee ☕️💖 And don’t forget to measure your body! Inches come off faster than pounds!

John also shared that our CEO has lost 22 pounds on the new Optimum since the Florida convention in September 👏




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