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Valentus OPTIMUM Dark Roast Coffee, Neurologic system for Optimum Performance cannot be accomplished with a single nutrient, it requires a “stack” (or group) of several independently performing nutrients working together. To deliver this stack to the right places in the brain, circulatory support nutrients that promote nitric oxide production and circulation (via vasodilation) is essential to optimize nutrient potential.

It’s no secret that managing your weight is not an easy task, which is why Millions of people struggle with it every day. We want to make it a lot easier, that’s why we created Optimum Dark Roast Coffee, which is designed to take your weight management to the next level!

Formulated with natural appetite suppressants, feel good ingredients and detox components and powered by VASO6™ a Nitric Oxide, Antioxidant Booster for Optimum Circulation & Oxygen delivery.  Optimum is the perfect addition to your weight loss management program!

Not only will you find managing your weight with Optimum will produce exciting results, but you will love the taste of this delicious Dark Roast Coffee.


Mix 1 level scoop with 6-8 oz. hot water. Enjoy 1-2 cups per day. Exclusive functional coffee formulated to:

  • Crush Cravings
  • Increase Energy
  • Metabolize fat to Energy
  • Support Blood Sugar Regulation
  • Improve Mood & Focus
  • Boosts Circulation and Oxygen Delivery




Use only as directed without consuming other stimulant products. Not for pregnant/nursing women or person under 18. Prior to use, consult doctor about medical history and medication being taken, including blood thinners.

Discontinue use if you experience unusual symptoms. improper use will not improve results.

Weight 118 g

8 reviews for Valentus OPTIMUM Dark Roast Coffee (Original & Authentic)

  1. Jana (verified owner)

    First of all, I have tried liposuction,” (things went right back to exactly where it was within 9mos like a template), forskalin, garcina campogia Leto pillss and bunches of other gimmick quack and nothing worked until SLIM ROAST OPTIMUM. my 3 other friend took them and lost 30lbs in 3 mos. I laughed it can’t be real blah blah blah. I finally gave it a try and I lost 10pbs in 3 wks.
    I’m a RN and very in tune with my body and very skeptical of how things work.
    Slimroast works: 1. help you don’t feel hungry 2. Don’t get headache when not eating 3. Have lots of energy. After 5 days I don’t even feel like eating much. After 1 wk my stomach shrank. (I was eating 3 big bowl of rice and 12 oz of steak w/o problem). Now I can have small 1/2 sandwich and 1 cup of water and my stomach hurt if I try to eat 1 more bite. Seriously, it forces me to stop. So after 2nd wk, I lost 6 lbs and after 3 wks I lost 10 lbs. I don’t like to weigh myself and I went from size 10 stretchy to size 6 no stretch (women size Not junior). My stomach is more flat. I have skipped gym for 3 mos so to get the better tone physic gym will help.

    I am not profiting anything from my review but I want to share bc some of us have thst kind of the body was rhe pearl shape, nothing helped for me for the last 20 yrs. the more I wanted to lose and personal training and all other things, none worked. I even drank 3 bottle of Bragg apple cider. Lmao. All I got was flatulence and bloated and heart burn. I tried algae green stuff and nothing.

    My suggestion who have caffeine sensitivity is to use 1/2 scoop the first 3 days to 3/4 then to full scoop. I easily get frigity, talk so fast, shaking etc.. from caffeine that is more than 1 bag of green tea.

    FYI: I used my with honey and creamer as I hate coffee and the black bitter taste or smell isn’t my cup of tea. I even used ice to make it a coffee cooler taste. I sometimes used vanilla extra or hazelnut to disguise coffee flavor.

    Try it people if it doesn’t work then at least you got $70 worth of coffee for 1 month and Cheaper than Starbucks.

    I got 4 other my nurses at work to try and they lost weights too. Some lost only a few lbs and some lost more.

  2. franz b. (verified owner)

    After trying the “medical weight loss” clinic and being given legal speed (phentermine) I really didn’t like the effects of the pills which made me really grumpy (or the $25.00 per week) so a co-worker told me about this coffee and I tried a few samples and then I knew I had to buy my own! This coffee is excellent for crushing cravings…especially sweet cravings! And there are no side effects like the Phentermine. It also keeps me focused so well! ( am an adult adhd sufferer who takes no medication)
    I work in an office where a giant bowl of assorted “fun size” candy bars sits dangerously close to my desk and before this miracle product, I would snack on anywhere from 3-6 (or more) of these “fun sized” treats, plus chips, cookies and all the other goodies we keep in the office for our agents (I work in Escrow in a large Realty office)…before I knew it, I had gained back 15 of the 17 pounds I had previously lost about a year ago. I started the coffee about a week and a half ago and have added a $9 gym membership to my efforts to lose the pounds.. Together those two things are helping me get my weight back down. So far I am at about 5 pounds lost (I only weigh in once a week on Friday’s and it is only Thursday lol. Last week I had a 2.6 lb loss) and I am so happy! I go straight to the gym after work and just do 60 minutes on the treadmill. I skip the gym on weekends (for now). I feel like I’d lose the weight even if I didn’t go to the gym but I want to lose it faster, plus I like the wind-down before I go home. I highly recommend this to anyone trying to lose some weight and who has trouble walking past those sweet treats that plague most offices or houses…or stores….. I forgot to add, I literally have to force myself to stop working and eat my lunch…I am just not hungry. And when I do stop to eat whatever I brought, I never finish it. Same with dinner…nothing sounds good so I usually just make a light salad with chicken breast in it and some bread because I know I have to eat SOMETHING.. It sure makes it easier to make better food choices because that little “carb devil” is not on my shoulder making me crave french fries (my favorite!!) and I have no more late night, “go ahead and treat yourself to a bowl of ice cream” sweet tooth..
    When I drink it, I either drink it by itself (just with hot water and some creamer) or I put a scoop of it in my regular morning cup of coffee…it just depends on how much food I ate (or didn’t eat) the night before and how much energy I have in the morning. The lack of food definitely can cause some fatigue so I started bringing some sliced cucumbers, apples or pita chips and hummus to snack on throughout the day for energy. Bottom line, I will definitely buy this again and again and once I reach my goal weight, I’ll keep it around for periodic maintenance. One last tip…. the other day I put a scoop in a cup of Starbucks dark roast and I swear I could hear my hair growing (overstimulated much?)…..I don’t recommend using a super strong dark coffee if you’re going to mix it with your regular coffee. A mild roast or breakfast blend seems to work just fine for me. Next month, when I order again, I will post some “before” and “after” photos to show my progress. I am so glad I was introduced to this coffee 🙂

    *** Update** I have found the “magic bullet” that works very well for me…I now mix 1/2 a cup of the Slim Roast with 1/2 cup regular coffee and it is just perfect. I’ve also eased into a keto diet and have cut carbs way down and I stopped eating refined sugar altogether. (I survived Valentin’e Day with NO chocolate eaten…NONE) I am down 4 lbs this week and couldn’t be happier! Give it a try.

  3. G. Wetzel (verified owner)

    So far, it seems to help me. I don’t have so much appetite anymore and can resist temptations better. It is a helper, not a wonder drug, which is fine with me. It also gives me energy during the day, but I run out of steam in the evening. This is also OK with me. I tried to drink two portions per day, but this did not seem to help too much. So, I stick with one portion in the morning. Also, my workouts go better. One thing that I noticed, however I am not sure if this comes from this coffee though: It is a little bit harder for me to urinate. Not so strong of a flow. Possibly my prostate swells up a little bit. It is fine again, when I stop drinking this coffee for a day.

  4. Darlene B. (verified owner)

    I started drinking this coffee 9 days ago, and I’ve already lost 5 lbs. It gives me energy, and it curbs my appetite, less craving for sweets. I also feel relaxed throughout the evening, I feel it actually helped control my anxiety too. Overall I’m very happy with this product.

  5. K.N Minnesota. (verified owner)

    I have been using this since Oct 8. I used to weigh 169lbs and I am 5’6″ tall,never like to exercise, but once in a while I do Zumba, I just follow the one in YouTube, I ate 2 slices of wheat bread with a slice of cheese & this coffee for bfast, water lots & lots of water, lunch time I have myself a yugart and apples, dinner is a cup of white rice (I am a filipino, so rice is a must!)and some fish…..now I weigh 157.6lbs…. So far so good…satisfied by it! I am now in my second container…

  6. Mica P. (verified owner)

    Very accommodating and fast delivery 🙂 maraming salamat!

  7. lobur83

    Really helps me control appetite and cravings without any side effects. No jitters or upset stomach.

  8. Adel

    Legit Seller Fast Delivery

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